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Travelling to physical casinos can be costly – This is how you counter that and save travel costs

You can now play online gambling and other games on online gambling sites using your hands, thanks to technological improvements. Accessing these online gaming sites is simple with the power of our smart devices, mobile phones, and tablets.

Playing at an online casino eliminates the need to travel to a regular casino, which might be expensive depending on your region. Parking can be expensive and time-consuming when visiting a casino. Food and beverages in physical casinos are expensive, and if you’ve had a few too many drinks and require a hotel for the night, all the expensive will add up and you will realise in the morning that you may have spent too much money. Continue with reading

How Online Casino Safety Changed Over Time

Modern online casinos have changed a lot in a relatively short span of time to become amongst the most popular online gaming options as they are now, and with some of the biggest sites offering thousands of different games, just look at Wish casinos for an example for some of the biggest, they certainly look very different than they once did – the safety of these sites has quickly become a key feature of this in a short period of time too, but what is it that pushed these changes forward and what led to the increasing and changing safety over time for online casinos?

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More visibility on licensing, and the ability to search it up – In the early days of online casinos it was easy for inexperienced players to get caught out by less than legitimate sites, and this is something that whilst still exists is much less likely to happen – gambling commissions worldwide have made it mandatory for sites to display their licensing number alongside a database where these numbers can be searched and verified – if you’re ever unsure about the service you intend to play on, this is the best way to ensure its legitimacy and ensure that you’re playing on a registered and licensed service. Continue with reading

Changes Bound for UK Online Casinos

Over the past year, the UK has underwent a number of different changes in the online space targeted specifically at casinos and gambling behaviour – the ban on credit card deposits for gambling sites was aimed to tackle the problem players, and the launch of initiatives like Gamstop have also followed the same goal of trying to cut down on the number of problem gamblers in the country – although sites found through platforms like have circumvented this somewhat, further changes are on the way to UK casinos with the same goal. The primary target for now has been slot machines, having by far the highest average loss rate per player of all online gambling products, the goal is to tackle that figure and bring it down.

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There are two changes aimed at all operators that aren’t specifically for slots, which are;

  • A permanent ban is aimed to target ‘reverse withdrawals’ or the ability for players to re-gamble money that they have already previously requested to withdraw, leading to bigger losses over a session.
  • A clear display must be offered to show a player their total wins and losses as well as play time during an online slots session – this is something that some games already offer, and whilst slots is the target here it is expected that this will become a blanket change across all online services.

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Why Have Online Casinos Become So Popular?

Over the past decade, it has become clear how popular the online gambling world has become, especially the online casino industry as it has grown into one of the most profitable industries in the world. This can be put down to several factors but as we see technology improve at the rapid rate that it is currently evolving at, we thought we’d look at why online casinos have become so popular.

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One of the main reasons why they have become so popular is due to the availability and accessibility that it now poses for players to play on their markets if they want too. Thanks to technologies like the internet, online casinos are now so accessibly that players can now log onto their chosen online casino within seconds on their smartphones. Previously, players would have to physically leave their house and visit a land-based casino if they wanted to play on a casino game but are now able to play whichever casino game, they please wherever and whenever they please. Continue with reading

Are Casinos Future Set in The Online Space?

This past year has certainly seen a huge shift for many in business, and although it seems the world may be on a clear path to recovery with many countries eyeing the end of summer as a potential period for a return to something a little more normal, many of these changes could certainly be permanent. A big adjustment could be the shift away from traditional brick-and-mortar business to a more online focussed space, with online casinos such as these long being one of the bigger considerations. But is the future for the casino industry set in the online space as a whole, or can the offline counterparts bounce back from this pandemic?

Success for online has only continued to grow – Perhaps the most important factor to consider is certainly in the fact that over the past few years, even disregarding this past year in particular, the success for the biggest only services has only grew as more and more players becoming attracted to the online gaming space in general. The successes of alternative markets such as esports have brought gaming to a much wider audience, and it has allowed for online casinos to see unprecedented growth in many instances. Continue with reading

What is the best style of poker in 2021?

When it comes to poker and playing styles, there are countless options to choose from. Poker, unlike other gambling games affords players the opportunity to impose their mentality and personality on the game. This comes in the form of common playing styles such as cautious, reckless and composed to name a few. But what is the optimal style to adopt in 2021? In this article, we’ll offer insight on the what we believe is the most profitable playing styles to master. Hopefully by the end of this article, you will be researching how to perfect this way of playing so you can crush online games.

The Loose Aggressive (LAG)

Playing a loose aggressive style is exactly as the name describes. You’re playing looser with hands i.e. playing a wide range of hands, and playing them aggressively. This is a fun and effective way to win at games where players are playing too carefully. Playing a solid brand of LAG poker will put opponents uneasy, you’ll steal lots of pots and you’ll also win some nice pots with speculative hands. Below are three tips on how this style works and what you need to do to implement it effectively. Continue with reading

What Does 2021 Hold for Online Gambling?

Now that 2020 is over with, everyone is looking forward to a new year. We all hope the world will have some normality and less emphasis on the “c” word. Online gambling soared in the Spring and Summer of 2020 but what does the future hold for online gambling?

Gambling on Phones

Phones are being used more than ever before. You can do everything from your phone nowadays and the popularity is only going to grow. Millions of gamblers already make bets through their favourite apps and I’m sure this will generate even more interest in 2021. Even if a gambling site doesn’t have the app, people can access online gambling through their browsers. Whether you’re searching for the most trusted online casino Malaysia, the best bonuses or who won last nights fight, it’s all there at your hand. Continue with reading

The Biggest Sports-Inspired Slot Game Themes

There have been literally thousands of different slot games released and you can find these in amusements, casinos and bingo halls both offline and online . This industry has changed drastically in the past decade or two and the slot games are now very, very adventurous. As always though, you must remember that any gameplay on slots is gambling and as such, you’re more likely to lose overall than you are to win.

One-arm bandits have been forced aside by lots of jazz and flashing lights, not to mention the fast paced bonus rounds. These different slot games can be based on all sorts of different themes which can include countries, music artists, films and different sports. In terms of sports-themed sports, you will find lots of these which include Soccer, American Football and Rugby. Here are some of the ones you can search for at dedicated casino sites or even on sites like Bingo Games which feature slots as side games.


One of the most famous films that was based on a sport was Rocky. This Sylvester Stallone film that was released in 1976 is still one of the most iconic sports films ever released, with a soundtrack that everyone recognises. Based on the sport of Boxing there have been several sequels to this film which includes up to Rocky V that was released in 1990.
As a result, it is no surprise that this slot game has been a big hit for players. This game was released by Playtech and has lots of the characters from the film appearing. To get into the free spins bonus on this game you will need to get at least 3 of the scatter symbols. Get 3 and 15 free spins are yours, 4 to get 20 and 5 to scoop 25. Once players are in the free spins feature all the winnings are doubled and the number of wilds available is increased.

Football World Cup

One of the biggest events in sport is the football World Cup. This exciting tournament is played every 4 years and people’s eyes are stuck to the TV to try and cheer on their country’s football team (if they have qualified). As such, it is no surprise that there is a slot game themed after this event.
This 5-reel multiline slot has all the footballs, country flags and stadiums to give you the feel of the World Cup. Like the Rocky game, the bonus on this game is the free spins which are triggered when you spin in the scatter symbols. If you get 3 of the scatters then 15 free spins are immediately initiated, 20 free spins for 4 scatter symbols and 25 free spins when 5 scatters are spun in. When in this feature all wins are multiplied by 3.

The Golden Games

Ready, steady, go – a slot game based on the Olympic Games is Golden Games. Whether it is long jump, high jump or the sprint then there are lots of different symbols on this game based on the Olympics. Every time the Olympic games are on then this slot game gains popularity. Payouts can include free spins when the scatter is spun in where up to 25 free spins are credited. Once in this bonus feature then all payments are doubled.

Above are a number of games for you to look out for, but do remember that as exciting as each of the games may be, they all offer more of a chance of losing than winning overall.

‘Tis the season for playing online slot games

You wouldn’t be the first person to question whether Christmas actually is the most wonderful time of year. I mean, no one likes the smell of Brussels sprouts or having all their in-laws come to stay. But one thing is for sure. It is the most wonderful time to play slots online.

Slot games have grown hugely popular over the past 10 years – and rest assured, online slots are nothing like the tired old fruit machines you used to find in your local pub. Online slots are designed more like video games, with 3D graphics and immersive bonus features.

The festive season always see new slot games released onto the market, many of which are inspired by the holidays.

But with so many different Christmas slot games to choose from these days, picking what to play first can prove tricky. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the experts from the online casino, to bring you a list of The 5 Best Christmas Slot Games. Continue with reading

Rules of Baccarat

Baccarat (also known as Punto Banco) is a card game played from a six- or eight-deck shoe usually separately from other casino games. It is played on a special table by not more than 14 players at the same time and is managed by three casino dealers.

All face cards (Jacks, Queens, and Kings) and the Tens have no value, an Ace is worth 1, the rest of the cards are worth their face value. The hand value can be a single-digit number only, so if the sum of the cards in a hand is a double-digit number, the left digit falls out. For instance, if the hand is made up of a Nine and a Two, its value is 1 (the total value of the cards in the hand is 11, so the left digit is dropped).

The two major bets in Baccarat are Banco (banker) and Punto (player). There is also a third bet called Standoff. The goal is to bet on the hand that will have the highest value, in some casinos it is also possible to bet on the tie (the Standoff bet).

The cards are dealt either by a dealer or the players act as dealers in turn. If a player deals the cards, he is still allowed to bet, usually on Banco. A player continues to deal the cards as long as the banker’s hand wins, he passes otherwise the dealer’s role to the next player, who may either accept it or pass. Continue with reading