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The Biggest Sports-Inspired Slot Game Themes

There have been literally thousands of different slot games released and you can find these in amusements, casinos and bingo halls both offline and online . This industry has changed drastically in the past decade or two and the slot games are now very, very adventurous. As always though, you must remember that any gameplay on slots is gambling and as such, you’re more likely to lose overall than you are to win.

One-arm bandits have been forced aside by lots of jazz and flashing lights, not to mention the fast paced bonus rounds. These different slot games can be based on all sorts of different themes which can include countries, music artists, films and different sports. In terms of sports-themed sports, you will find lots of these which include Soccer, American Football and Rugby. Here are some of the ones you can search for at dedicated casino sites or even on sites like Bingo Games which feature slots as side games.


One of the most famous films that was based on a sport was Rocky. This Sylvester Stallone film that was released in 1976 is still one of the most iconic sports films ever released, with a soundtrack that everyone recognises. Based on the sport of Boxing there have been several sequels to this film which includes up to Rocky V that was released in 1990.
As a result, it is no surprise that this slot game has been a big hit for players. This game was released by Playtech and has lots of the characters from the film appearing. To get into the free spins bonus on this game you will need to get at least 3 of the scatter symbols. Get 3 and 15 free spins are yours, 4 to get 20 and 5 to scoop 25. Once players are in the free spins feature all the winnings are doubled and the number of wilds available is increased.

Football World Cup

One of the biggest events in sport is the football World Cup. This exciting tournament is played every 4 years and people’s eyes are stuck to the TV to try and cheer on their country’s football team (if they have qualified). As such, it is no surprise that there is a slot game themed after this event.
This 5-reel multiline slot has all the footballs, country flags and stadiums to give you the feel of the World Cup. Like the Rocky game, the bonus on this game is the free spins which are triggered when you spin in the scatter symbols. If you get 3 of the scatters then 15 free spins are immediately initiated, 20 free spins for 4 scatter symbols and 25 free spins when 5 scatters are spun in. When in this feature all wins are multiplied by 3.

The Golden Games

Ready, steady, go – a slot game based on the Olympic Games is Golden Games. Whether it is long jump, high jump or the sprint then there are lots of different symbols on this game based on the Olympics. Every time the Olympic games are on then this slot game gains popularity. Payouts can include free spins when the scatter is spun in where up to 25 free spins are credited. Once in this bonus feature then all payments are doubled.

Above are a number of games for you to look out for, but do remember that as exciting as each of the games may be, they all offer more of a chance of losing than winning overall.

‘Tis the season for playing online slot games

You wouldn’t be the first person to question whether Christmas actually is the most wonderful time of year. I mean, no one likes the smell of Brussels sprouts or having all their in-laws come to stay. But one thing is for sure. It is the most wonderful time to play slots online.

Slot games have grown hugely popular over the past 10 years – and rest assured, online slots are nothing like the tired old fruit machines you used to find in your local pub. Online slots are designed more like video games, with 3D graphics and immersive bonus features.

The festive season always see new slot games released onto the market, many of which are inspired by the holidays.

But with so many different Christmas slot games to choose from these days, picking what to play first can prove tricky. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the experts from the online casino, to bring you a list of The 5 Best Christmas Slot Games. Continue with reading

Rules of Baccarat

Baccarat (also known as Punto Banco) is a card game played from a six- or eight-deck shoe usually separately from other casino games. It is played on a special table by not more than 14 players at the same time and is managed by three casino dealers.

All face cards (Jacks, Queens, and Kings) and the Tens have no value, an Ace is worth 1, the rest of the cards are worth their face value. The hand value can be a single-digit number only, so if the sum of the cards in a hand is a double-digit number, the left digit falls out. For instance, if the hand is made up of a Nine and a Two, its value is 1 (the total value of the cards in the hand is 11, so the left digit is dropped).

The two major bets in Baccarat are Banco (banker) and Punto (player). There is also a third bet called Standoff. The goal is to bet on the hand that will have the highest value, in some casinos it is also possible to bet on the tie (the Standoff bet).

The cards are dealt either by a dealer or the players act as dealers in turn. If a player deals the cards, he is still allowed to bet, usually on Banco. A player continues to deal the cards as long as the banker’s hand wins, he passes otherwise the dealer’s role to the next player, who may either accept it or pass. Continue with reading