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What Does 2021 Hold for Online Gambling?

Now that 2020 is over with, everyone is looking forward to a new year. We all hope the world will have some normality and less emphasis on the “c” word. Online gambling soared in the Spring and Summer of 2020 but what does the future hold for online gambling?

Gambling on Phones

Phones are being used more than ever before. You can do everything from your phone nowadays and the popularity is only going to grow. Millions of gamblers already make bets through their favourite apps and I’m sure this will generate even more interest in 2021. Even if a gambling site doesn’t have the app, people can access online gambling through their browsers. Whether you’re searching for the most trusted online casino Malaysia, the best bonuses or who won last nights fight, it’s all there at your hand.

More Games and More Sites

As online gambling continues to grow as an industry, it’s inevitable that advertisers of big casino sites will introduce more games. They have to continue to innovate and find ways to bring new customers in and introducing new trendy games is just one of the ways to this. They’ll also be new websites hitting the scene. There’s always some that join that you’ve never seen before, trying to make their mark in the huge online gambling world. This won’t change in 2021.

Stricter Rules in Place

Online gambling is enjoyed all over the world but certain places are keen to stamp it out. Places like Iran are considering enforcing death penalties for those who gamble online. That’s quite a deterrent! Whether they impose this or not is another question but the point remains that they are keen to prevent people from gambling online. This is not unique to Iran as there are other countries around the world where gambling is either tightly regulated or prohibited altogether. Hopefully we’re wrong and the rules loosen up but it’s unlikely.

Crypto-Currency Getting Mainstream

The last few years have seen crypto-currency take off in the gambling world. It’s something that a lot of people find appealing due the anonymity it affords. Looking at trends and last year, one can expect this to continue in popularity in 2021. It may take another year or so to get completely mainstream but it’s on its way.