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What is the best style of poker in 2021?

When it comes to poker and playing styles, there are countless options to choose from. Poker, unlike other gambling games affords players the opportunity to impose their mentality and personality on the game. This comes in the form of common playing styles such as cautious, reckless and composed to name a few. But what is the optimal style to adopt in 2021? In this article, we’ll offer insight on the what we believe is the most profitable playing styles to master. Hopefully by the end of this article, you will be researching how to perfect this way of playing so you can crush online games.

The Loose Aggressive (LAG)

Playing a loose aggressive style is exactly as the name describes. You’re playing looser with hands i.e. playing a wide range of hands, and playing them aggressively. This is a fun and effective way to win at games where players are playing too carefully. Playing a solid brand of LAG poker will put opponents uneasy, you’ll steal lots of pots and you’ll also win some nice pots with speculative hands. Below are three tips on how this style works and what you need to do to implement it effectively.

Setting Opponents Up

The idea behind this style is that you are going to win lots of small pots. These small pots will help your overall win rate and enhance your table image. By playing lots of pots and appearing active, you will be setting your opponents to pay you of with a medium or even weaker hand late when you have something strong.  It’s fantastic when your opponents think you’ve been bluffing all session, take a stand with something reasonable and pay you off when you’re holding a premium hand.

Don’t Go too Far

The trick to perfecting this way of playing is to ensure you’re not taking it too far. You need to give the impression of recklessness while actually playing balanced. You don’t want to be putting in huge bets all the time. Often, a smaller bet or probing bet will do the same job as a big one. This is a key concept to appreciate as it means you won’t be investing lots of chips or money crazily. The best LAG players are hitting that sweet spot between appearing crazy and calculated aggression.

Put Your Thinking Hat On

Playing a loose aggressive poker style involves getting into many tricky spots. As you’ll be playing a wider range of hands, you will find yourself in many different scenarios. This is a bit daunting at first as you will be in unchartered waters. However, as you gain experience and become accustomed to playing different types of hands, you will learn to navigate the flop, turn and river with precision accuracy. Playing the LAG way means you may need to reduce the number of tables you usually play. When you’re playing more hands and involved in lots of pots you need attention and concentration. This is difficult to do if you’re eight tabling so get tips to improve concentration first.


As you can see, the LAG poker style is probably the most profitable way of playing in 2021. It exploits the tighter studious players that are in abundance at low stakes games. It’s also the most fun way of playing and will enhance your technical skills. By learning to play this way, you will enjoy poker more, become better and hopefully win too.